History Of Altin Nama Gostar Apadana

Almase Shishe Jahan Nema, the provider of varieties of glass and mirrors with many years of experience, began its activities in the design, manufacture and installation of glass. After years of experience and effective activity in the field of glass and by using skilled and obligator personnel, the company, thanks to God, has been able to do the country's major projects with full satisfaction of employers successfully. Using past experience and the knowledge of today, the company is proud of attracting a significant portion of customer satisfaction and employers; in this regard, it has delivered the best products and services to its customers with high quality and good price. Relying on our abilities, we have always tried to satisfy you as it is our final goal; this is fulfilled with unrivaled performance due to the intelligence and creativity of our employees, who are all young and talented, and the use of the best and finest products, which are carefully selected. The products are under the supervision of the experts from the moment of production and implementation till the time that they are transferred to the factory in order to produce unique products and services than you've ever seen. Since meeting customer's request cannot be achieved except by daily and continuous and profound research, we try to meet the needs of the market; in addition, due to the company's philosophy based on customer needs, we intend to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering the products with distinctive quality and unique designs and giving unrivaled service to you, fastidious. Amase Shishe Jahan Nema is always at the service of the public, customers and consumers by providing design, production and installation of glass, glassy floors and stairs, double glazed window with curtain, luminous double glazed window, spider, tempered glass, laminated glass, plate glass, aluminum windows and doors.






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Altin Nama Gostar Apadana