Architectural glass structures formed by glass proximity with other elements of metal and wood are the main focus of the activities of the Venus Glass Company. In this context, engineering service unit of Almase Shishe Jahan Nema attempts to provide engineering and implementation services of the products like full glassy turret, showcases, glassy partitions and even special all-glass structures such as stairs, pathways or walls of glass with relying on their increasing knowledge of the capabilities of glass as well as access to sources of metal parts.

Products of this unit are:
• fences and glass turret
• Glassy showcases for shop units
• Glassy office partitions
• non air glassy facades for shells
• Special all-glass structures
Fences and glass turret

One of the best examples of the use of glass is in architecture, fences and full glass turret which has increasingly been paid attention by designers of interior and exterior spaces. It is obvious that relying on the strength and durability of the glass for such applications depends on parallel progress in the production of laminated and tempered glass, respectively. The importance of the metal and non-metal glass holders and other adjacent parts of the collection should not be dispraised in terms of beauty and performance.

Glass railings are classified as follows:
• full glass fences with the conservative profile
• Glass railings with metal columns
• Glass railings wit point connections

Glassy showcases for front glazing shop

One of the constant needs of architects and designers of commercial spaces is the system suitable for holding the glass storefront. The
tendency to use large glass and the minimum lines in sight of visitors demands some changes in old plan of holding glasses.
Today, in most modern stores, glasses of showcases are held by one of the following methods:

• Glass frame system
• Point Connection System
• Anti-theft glass holder system
Glassy office partitions

Organizational culture is leading to the development of more office spaces and open spaces; and in this regard, walls and glass partitions have a significant role. Engineering service unit of Almase Shishe Jahan Nema has recently attempted to develop new products series for office furniture which is beautiful and simple and have logical price. To keep the single-glazed glass and, if necessary, double glazed glass, elegant aluminum profiles creates a unique space in offices by combining diverse appearances such as stained glass and printed glass that its impact on the performance of the personnel working in these environments is always positive.

• glassy office partition systems
non air glassy façade for shells
special full glassy structures

advances in engineering knowledge of structural properties of glass has been doubled in recent decades; and whereby architects, once again, have been able to recover their old demands in order to increase the maximum transparency in architectural elements. Although the mechanical and structural properties of laminated glass (tempered / laminate) occurs far beyond what is imaginable, but glass engineering, compared to the classic structures of steel / concrete, has higher level of complexity so that prior to the creation of modern methods of structural analysis, by using powerful computers, there was no possibility of designing an all-glass bridge or all-glass stairs.
Engineering service unit of Almase Shishe Jahan Nema has attempted to be a pioneer of delivering engineering services in this field. The main support of this units is its abundant facilities in research and development. The experts of the company are ready to answer the specific needs of architects in the designing and implementation of special full glass structures.


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